Heading for Nowhere

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Foto: Caroline Odden Giske
A few days ago I took my very first steps and published a song I made together with my sisters husband! It was published on a Norwegian music website for undiscovered artists. We recorded the song this summer in Ocean Sound Recordings here in the islands. I guess I just didn’t have the balls to publish it until now.

Instead of making the same post I made on FB, I figured I’d write about it here and share the link so that my English speaking friends also can understand what this is about 🙂

It all started with the insane birthday gift I got one and a half year ago: ONE day in studio with a technician for 8 hours. And here’s the result – at least one of the songs. The second and third will be published later on. Anyway, I hope you can take five minutes of your time and have a look. That would make me super happy!




Traditions prevail. And its already been months since my last enter here on my blog. It’s been a long time since this was among my first priorities and something tells me I’ll keep it that way.  I’m just too occupied with other activities. But this week I finally got a collection of good pictures I thought would be worth sharing.

On Monday we went hiking with a group of friends. We drove to Trollstigen and started the climb towards Mannen, a mountain stretching 1294 meters above sea level. We started the hike at around 746 meters, the climb itself isn’t that steep, but the slope stretched for a total of 7,29 km each way. And in those 14,6 km we walked through wind, rain, fog and sun. Absolutely beautiful! And it is so nice being out in fresh air, enjoying nature at its best. The view from the top was both terrifying and divine at the same time.





A small hike to Sukkertoppen (“The Sugar Top”) today resulted in these photos. I can defend the pictures of the view with simply one word: Extraordinary. As for the pictures of random weird stuff I guess they’re mostly for myself and my love for small things. Details that we  usually just stroll by without noticing that I find just as important as the bigger picture, because they represent the beginning of something.




A few weeks back I was taking a trip down memory lane with two of my best friends from Vilnius, Gor and Greta. Oh what a happy penguin I was that weekend. After two years apart they finally came to see me in my hometown. God knows I owe them a visit in Vilnius too. Anyway, we had a blast, as we always do. It was so great to hear about everything they’ve managed to get done since I left Vilnius in 2015. Not gonna share all the details here. But I figured, since we did all that hiking in the mountains and about, that I’ll share a drop of photos of the nature I saw along the way.




Last year my sister showed me a Norwegian blogger that posts healthy recipes online. Since this year is not only about decluttering my home and computer, but about replacing “Bad” food with better food, I’ve decided I should try out some of the stuff from this blog. With deadlines in UNI, L I F E, handball, training, families, friends and two houses to look after, its not everyday I find myself with no plan at all. Like today, when all of a sudden I found myself with a blank page, no obligations and simple freedom to do whatever I wanted. I spent it in the kitchen, and it was awesome. I made breakfast buns, marzipan and my homemade breakfast cereal. The breakfast buns and marzipan I found on this blog: http://www.lindastuhaug.no/ <– Recommend everyone to check it out to find delicious recipes for healthy food!

I’m no master in the kitchen but the result wasn’t too shabby I think… And either way, it was all delicious.

DSC_0188DSC_0209 (1)


DSC_0216DSC_0201 (1)



Going into 2017 I decided it was going to be a year of decluttering. Everything from documents and albums on my computer to sorting out every shelf, drawer and tiny spaces for storage in our house. I had other goals too which took my prime focus for a while, but reading my friends blog: www.hjertejubel.com I rediscovered my motivation to start in small steps towards a better life. She makes some really good points about decluttering your home and making space not to suffocate simply by being too materialistic. I love her blog and would recommend every person I know to read it. (She writes both in Norwegian and English) And she writes better than I can ever dream of doing. She has a way of putting words on paper that makes a greater sense than anything else you can find in any book, blog or online forum. It’s a blog with heart and soul that points out important issues in everyday life and society at the same time as its original, funny and full of hope. Its also a photo-blog for her company “Hjertejubel Foto” which is a new inspiring business she started last year. She’s not only good with words you’ll see, she captures frames upon frames of beautiful photoes. Needless to say, this girl is on fire.

ANYway – Back to the decluttering part, while cleansing my computer for out of focus photos, I sometimes find wonderful pictures from my everyday life. Some of which I think deserve a place in here. The first album I found worth sharing is from a fishing trip we had with our boat. We had a week off in UNI in October 2016 and I spent it with my boyfriend and his friend at our farmhouse in Fjørtofta. Its of a sunset, no surprise there, but I love them at least.



So last year I know. But does it matter? I can’t shake these photoes. I am beyond lucky for having this view right outside our house.

I can stare at these particular photoes forever. I started the post “drops of October” last year but never found the right words to describe it, in fact, I still can’t.

Its just natural beauty.